Syrian troops approaching the last outpost of the ISIS

The soldiers of the Syrian army and Shi’ite militiamen reached the border with Iraq and are located 30 km south of the town of Bu-Kemal, the last outpost of terrorists from the Islamic State group (IS, banned in the Russian Federation). This was reported on Monday by the newspaper Al Akhbar.

As the newspaper shows, the helicopters of the Iraqi Air Force are supporting the Syrian forces. Fighting on the side of the Iraqi army, the Shi’ite formations of Al-Hasd Al-Sha’bi are firing at gangs of terrorists and preventing them from taking refuge in Iraqi territory.

According to the newspaper, the Arab-Kurdish forces (members of the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) coalition) have stepped up their actions in recent days on the eastern shore of the Euphrates. The SDF fighters resumed their attack on the town of Hajin (90 km from Deir-ez-Zor) and, if successful, can reach Bu-Kemal from the northern direction.


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