Only 15% of Catalans believe region may become independent from Spain, poll says

Despite the Catalan parliament adopted a resolution on the region’s independence from Spain following a referendum in early October, the people in the autonomous region remain divided over the events that are taking place in their country.

Only 15 percent of the Catalans believe that the autonomous region may become independent from Spain, a fresh poll showed on Monday. 

At the same time, over 28 percent of respondents would like “the process of gaining sovereignty” to end with the proclamation of independence, according to the results of the GAD3 survey published in La Vanguardia newspaper.

More than 36 percent of respondents are interested in the conflict being resolved through negotiations between the central authorities and the Catalan government, but only 21 percent believe in this possibility.

Nearly 68 percent of the Catalans agree that the process of gaining sovereignty has led to a split in the society, and 61 percent realize that proclamation of Catalonia’s independence will lead to the loss of EU membership for the region.


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