Osama bin Laden’s diary was leaked into the Internet this week. There he rejoiced at the Arab spring, which was provoked by the Americans in the Middle East. The reason is obvious – he believed that chaos was for good of Al-Qaeda (terrorist organization banned in Russia).

But there is one interesting detail. It turned out that Osama was playing computer games. And in particular “CounterStrike.” This is where the terrorist team fights against the antiterrorist detachment. I wonder who Osama bin Laden played for? For the terrorists, I guess.

I can see right away how bin Laden kills the last enemy from an ambush and a computer voice says: “Terrorists win.” The terrorists won. And if you consider that this is a network game, it is possible that some gamer under the nickname “Osama” was a real bin Laden. The real “CounterStrike” with US Navy Seals took place in 2011. And over the dead body of Osama a computer voice said: “Counterterrorists win.”

And far away in Washington another gamer Hillary Clinton – froze in wingding. She haven’t realized they killed the consequence, not the cause of the terrorist war.

They were the reason themselves.

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