Rand Paul (R-KY) said that although Trump is raising money for the 2020 campaign, Republicans should not assume that he will definitely participate in the race. Whether Trump will definitely participate in the re-election will become known only after the second or third year as president, Rand Paul believes.

And on October 27 Chris Christie said he would support Trump if he decides to run for president again, but stressed that he is not sure that this will really happen. “Four years is a long time, and especially for those who have not spent their entire lives in politics, so I think these years will affect Trump not like others. But I’m sure that the president will take exactly the decision that will be best for him, his family and the country.”

Probably, in this way, Trump, who hates to lose, is looking for a way to gracefully leave his post, after all the accusations of ties with Russia and the arrest of Manafort and Gates. If you are not re-elected for a second term, you will not lose.

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