Air forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) fired anti-aircraft missiles at the direction of the Crimean border. This was announced on Thursday, November 2, by the press service of the air forces of the AFU.

The press release says that as part of the tests, the combat crews completed practical tasks with combat and simulated launches of anti-aircraft guided missiles. At the same time, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces emphasized that firing was “exclusively in the airspace of Ukraine.”

Not for the first time Kiev arranges such provocations on the border with the peninsula. So, at the end of last year the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted rocket fire in the south of the country. Initially, the leadership of the military department stated that the exercise zone would also extended to the airspace of the Crimea.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian side did not test fate and conducted missile launches away from the peninsula. Russia issued a warning, saying that the actions of the Ukrainian authorities are a provocation.

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