On November 2, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah advanced 5km from their positions east the T-2 station towards the last ISIS stronghold in Syria, al-Bukamal city, in the province of Deir Ezzor, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

With this advance the SAA and Hezbollah are now only 45km west of al-Bukamal city.

The SAA and its allies began planning for the military operation to liberate al-Bukamal city after capturing the strategic Humaymah village from ISIS west of the T-2 station in the eastern Homs countryside on August 20.

On September 16, the Hezbollah media wing officially announced that SAA, Hezbollah and Iranian-backed forces launched operation “By The Dawn 3” to reach al-Bukamal city at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Syrian and Iraqi sources confirmed back then that the operation will be fully coordinated with the Iraqi Army and Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) attack on the Iraqi ISIS stronghold – al-Qa’im city. The sources also confirmed that the Russian Air Force will provide the SAA and its allies with air support.

After repelling several attacks of ISIS, the SAA and Hezbollah were finally able to advance, and capture the strategic T-2 station on October 26. The station is located 70km west of al-Bukamal city.

On the same day, the Iraqi Army and the PMU launched their long awaited military operation to capture al-Qa’im city, which confirmed that the two sides are coordinating their attacks on ISIS.

On November 1, Russian Tu-22m3 bomber started bombing ISIS defensive lines and fortifications around al-Bukmala city. The Tu-22m3 airstrikes enabled the SAA and Hezbollah to advance 10km in 48 hours only.

Syrian pro-government sources claimed on November 2, that a large force of Iranian-backed fighters was deployed in the T-2 station to boost the SAA attack towards al-Bukamal. Furthermore, the Tiger forces will likely be redeployed to the south of al-Mayadin city after liberating Deir Ezzor city for an advance towards al-Bukamal on the Deir Ezzor–al-Qa’im highway.

If the pro-government sources are correct, the SAA and Hezbollah advance towards al-Bukamal city will likely speed up in the upcoming days, especially after the Iraqi Army and PMU resume their advance towards al-Qa’im city.

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