The United Nations has called on the Iraqi government to investigate genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Mosul.

Daesh atrocities committed during the battle for Mosul are “international crimes” that Iraqi courts do not currently have jurisdiction over, the UN human rights office said in a report Thursday.

Mosul, the second largest Iraqi city, was completely liberated from Daesh terrorists in July. Iraqi forces and US-led coalition forces launched the operation to free the western part of the city in January after recapturing its eastern portion. Daesh terrorist group took over Mosul in June 2014, turning it into one of its major strongholds in the Middle East.

UNICEF has assessed that up to 650,000 children in Mosul have been affected by the war. The UN estimated that some 700,000 Mosul residents have been displaced since the beginning of the conflict.

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