The Ukrainian authorities during the Euromaidan in 2014 prepared a power suppression of discontent in the Crimea. This was stated by the ex-chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ilyin.

According to Ilyin, in the winter of 2014 events on the Maidan in Kiev caused discontent among the Crimeans. The Ukrainian authorities did not want to resolve this issue by dialogue. They had another plan – “drown Crimea in the blood.”

Thus, the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klichko, stated that the Crimea “will get tougher than the Ukrainian capital,” and the head of the party “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok declared that he would break the Crimean people like a broom and the Crimeans will “wash themselves with blood.”

According to Ilyin, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh did not dare to undertake any attempts to end the conflict on the peninsula, when the Crimeans started talking about reunification with Russia. And General Vladimir Zamana, with permission of Alexander Turchinov lowered the degree of readiness of the Armed Forces from full to constant.

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