Poroshenko received an ultimatum after Volker’s departure from Kiev

The President of Ukraine should not have any questions about how to behave with respect to the protests organized by Saakashvili during the visit of the US State Department’s Special Representative Kurt Volker to Kiev.

It seems that Volker has conveyed some signals to the Ukrainian leadership to exacerbate the domestic political situation in the country.

It was enough for Volker to confirm the theses made just the day before his visit by the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch in an interview with the publication” Censor “, which is considered to be the informational mouthpiece of Mr. Avakov and Secretary of the Security Council Turchinov. In this interview, Jovanovic, without giving the name of Saakashvili, said that Washington supports all the demands of the demonstrators: the repeal of immunity, the change in the electoral system and, in particular, the establishment of an anti-corruption court. She also praised the peaceful nature of the protests, and advised the law enforcers “to behave professionally and with restraint.” After this ambassador’s speech, Poroshenko should not have any questions to Volker about how to behave with Saakashvili and his supporters.