US puts Belgrade under pressure, forces to abandon relations with Russia

Judging by the statements of the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Brian Yee, who has arrived on a regular visit to Serbia, the US administration intends to put Belgrade under pressure and make it decide between Washington and Moscow. In the United States, it is believed that “sitting on two chairs does not correspond to European integration, which is the strategic goal of Serbia,” the Belgrade media writes today.

This was exactly what was discussed at the meeting of Hoyt Bryan Yee with Serbian President Alexander Vucic. At the same time, there were two points on which the parties did not agree: the question of Kosovo and relations between Belgrade and Moscow.

“We are not against Russian-Serbian relations, we know that they have always been strong, but the Serbs need to understand that the Russian vision of Serbia and the Western Balkans differs from the fact that the Serbs are thinking about their country and from the vision of America and Europe of the fate of Serbia and Western Balkans,” Mr. Yee said.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the statements of the American representative, reminding that the US should not interfere in Russian-Serbian relations.


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