A passer-by who was wounded in Wednesday’s explosion in Ukraine’s capital Kiev has died in hospital, bringing the death toll to two, a spokesperson for the country’s Security Service (SBU) said.

“Investigators of the SBU Main Department in Kiev and the region probe the explosion in the capital, in which Ukrainian lawmaker Igor Mosiychuk and four other people were hurt. Two people are dead,” Elena Gitlyanskaya wrote on her Facebook page.

A criminal investigation has been launched into “setting up a terror group or a terror organization.”

The investigators have found that unknown persons had planted a bomb in a parked motorcycle, which was detonated when lawmaker Mosiychuk and his bodyguards were passing by.

According to the Kiev prosecutors, the explosion occurred near a TV studio Espreso, where Mosiychuk, a lawmaker of the Radical Party, had taken part in a program.


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