Young people in the UK are furious and confused because of the decision to leave the EU. They mainly blame the older generations.

Academics at the London School of Economics (LSE) made a new analysis of last year’s divisive referendum vote. It was an unexpected and disquieting result for young people.

This is based on the findings of 40 focus groups and a survey of more than 3,200 young people and adults. The young people are worried about the damage to Britain’s image as a multicultural country that is not racist.

“Young people want a voice in the Brexit process, and not one that is politely listened to and then dismissed,” said Stephen Kinnock, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People and Labour MP.

A previous analysis by the LSE advised that 64% of young people, aged 18-24, voted in the referendum of June 2016, materially bigger than expected. The analysis has also advised that around 70% of this age group voted to stay in the EU.

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