Up to 3,000 police officers have been deployed to ensure public order in downtown Kiev where mass protests began on Tuesday, the city police said.

More police officers may be sent depending on the situation, a spokesman said.

Police have called to avoid any provocations, vowing to respond to them “in line with the norms of the current legislation.” Officers warn the participants about their administrative and criminal responsibility for unlawful actions, including blocking traffic and attempts to storm government buildings.

No serious violations of public order have been registered now, police said.

On Tuesday, more than 5,000 protesters from across the political spectrum gathered for a rally in front of the parliament’s building demanding, among other things, to establish an anti-corruption tribunal and to strip lawmakers of their immunity. One of the protest leaders, Georgian ex-President and ex-Governor of Ukraine’s Odessa Region, Mikhail Saakashvili, demanded President Pyotr Poroshenko resign.

The protest turned violent as demonstrators clashed with police on Tuesday afternoon. As a result, one officer and three protesters were injured.

The activists put up more than 40 tents in the area to stay overnight. Last night, the situation in downtown Kiev remained calm, no incidents were reported.

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