Initially, documentary films about the catastrophe taking place in Ukraine, I wanted to show at the film festival “Il Film Festival Diritti Umani Lugano”, which specializes in human rights, and takes place in Lugano. However, despite the fact that there is a picture in the program of the shows “The Process”, which tells about the trial of Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, accused of preparing a terrorist act on the territory of the Crimea, the festival management did not consider the issue to include a film reflecting a different viewpoint on events in Ukraine.

Faced with double standards and undisguised censorship in Ukraine for truth-telling films, a group of Ukrainian human rights activists led by the international platform Global Rights of Peaceful People, with the participation of the Union of Left Forces of Ukraine, decided in parallel to hold an alternative independent non-profit film festival in Lugano, in which films European filmmakers whose views on the events taking place in Ukraine are in conflict with the position of Brussels and official Kiev.

For three days, the audience will be shown nine documentary films, including: “The Agony of Ukraine – a hidden war”, Germany. director – Mark Bartalamai; “The Times of Donbass” (“Donbass Seasons”), Italy. director – Sara Reginella; “Ukraine: Masks of the Revolution”, France, directed by Paul Morreira, “Oles Buzina: Life is out of time”, Ukraine “Lauffeuer” Germany, director Ulrich Hayden; “Hot hearts”, Ukraine, director Ekaterina Fedorenko, “Ukraine on fire.” USA, director-Oliver Stone., “True stories of the Ukrainian Civil War”. USA, Director Alexander Chopov “Chronicles of the Odessa tragedy. I saw death” Ukraine. Directed by Serge Marks and Oleg Music, after which the discussion of the films with special guests of the show is organized.

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