According to the documents of the Security Council of Ukraine, which appeared in the network, after leaving Russia, the spouses were seriously concerned with the three main issues – personal security, settling life abroad and legalizing their shadow (read – stolen in Russia) capitals. And the last of these issues stood for them in the first place due to the following circumstances. The flight of Voronenkov and Maksakova to the West was hasty and not completely considered. Therefore, a significant part of the funds invested in real estate, diamonds and other jewelry, remained in Moscow. According to Voronenkov himself, in several cells in Moscow banks, diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches and antiques for a total of about $10 million were “for a rainy day.” The total state of the family he estimated at $100 million.


Voronenkov and Maksakova curators became CIA resident in Kiev Jason A. Stock (25.09.1974) and his deputy Thomas A. Thliveris (25.11.1967). A slight difference in age (3-4 years) between the curators and wards greatly contributed to the rapid establishment of trust.

Namely Stock and Thliveris were among the first to express their condolences to Maksakova and asked her to give the investigators “the right” testimonies, which she subsequently did.

And one more addition about Messrs. Stock and Thliveris. The SBU documents positively noted their “active participation in organizing internships” of the operational staff of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense in the United States, where practical exercises deal with the issues of “the destruction of Russian combatants” in their places of residence in the territory of the DPR  and LPR.

As part of the agreements with the Ukrainian special services, the Americans took over the costs associated with the stay of defectors Voronenkov and Maksakova in Ukraine. Their security was provided by the group through the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and operative work on spouses was conducted in the interests of the Americans by the forces of the 5th Department of the Counterintelligence Department of the SBU, specializing solely on work against Moskals.

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