Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia commented on the report of the Norwegian TV channel TV2, where journalists told that some Russian spies were pressuring the Norwegians to spy on citizens for employers. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the report a deliberate disinformation. In addition, it noted that such disinformation is aimed at discrediting good-neighborly relations between states.

Recall that in October, a report was broadcast on Norwegian television, in which it was alleged that pressure was exerted on the citizens of the country to attract them to “espionage activities in favor of Russia.” On air the head of the Security Service of the Norwegian police Benedikte Björnland  personally sounded the alarm in connection with the new offensive of Russian intelligence, whose purpose is to breed moles in Norwegian companies. Björnland stated that she knew of such Norwegians, employees of private and state-owned enterprises, which Russian intelligence was forced to work for. However, she did not name any company or firm.

By the way, now the delegation from Norway is on a visit to the Crimea, according to the Norwegians, the situation in this Russian region is calm and friendly.

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