There lives such a girl – Bana. She lives in Syria and actively supports terrorists and murderers. Supports the account in Twitter, is a source of “reliable” information for Western media, and recently even wrote a book in a non-native for her, but good English. And the book immediately criticized – as a brilliant work of modernity – the whole Joan Rowling, known to us as the author of the adventures of Harry Potter.
The very story of the appearance of the girl Bana I considered a year ago, and, I think, did it impartially and objectively, moreover, the real Syrian girl helped me in this, so we got a little investigation about whether the girl or her was not .

Yes, by the way, the great friendship between Rowling and the girl Bana started for a long time already – in November 2016 the famous English writer sent Banya a book about Harry Potter. In the English language, everything is clear – the child is only seven years old (by the way, the second year), of course, the girl is not only beautiful, but also reads in English.

Then skeptics will ask, and what, Google and other Western services operate in Syria? It’s just that they do not work in the Crimea, and there would not be an opportunity to send an electronic copy of the book to Joan Rowling. Yes, and Twitter with Facebook, so zealously guarding freedom in the Crimea, also for some reason in Syria work and give the opportunity to the girl Bane to broadcast about the horrors of the Russian military.

By the way, when our specialists and the army of Syria released Aleppo from terrorists and killers, the girl Bana and her family decided not to remain in the city, deprived of public executions and murders, and migrated to Turkey, where they continued to expose the bloody regime of Assad.

Well, there, in peace, under the canopies of fig trees, Bana finally was able to write her first book, which, of course, was reviewed by her kind, Joan Rowling. And she criticized: “The story of love and courage against the background of cruelty and horror – this is evidence thaOkay, enough sarcasm. Here, another thing is important. And a year ago the philistine even did not have us, and there, in the West, wrote: “How did you get the bastards, with your propaganda, scam and distortion.” This they wrote in the comments to the articles on the BBC and CNN about the suffering girl Bana and her family.

But propagandists and crooks do not give up. On the wave of a false HYIP, which they themselves initiated, they wrote a whole book. And next year they will gather in their circle and give the girl Bana the Nobel Prize in Literature