The Turkish president has been caught on camera battling a severe case of drowsiness during a press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart. Recep Erdogan yawned and his head drooped as Petro Poroshenko was speaking.

For a few seconds it seemed that Erdogan had actually nodded off, before snapping out of it when a Turkish journalist addressed him with a question.

In another instance, Erdogan is seen yawning on camera a few times as he tries his best to stay alert. Noticing that his counterpart is battling to stay awake, Poroshenko discreetly taps on the desk to help Erdogan stay focused.

The Turkish president paid a one-day visit to Ukraine on Monday. Before meeting with Poroshenko, he made a brief stop at Victory Square to lay a wreath at a military monument. After that he held a meeting with Poroshenko behind closed doors, which went on to last three hours instead of the allocated 45 minutes.

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