Weakly controlled volunteer battalions of nationalists have been practically squeezed out of the front line. Afterwards, a big purge of the AFU officers sympathetic to right-wing radicals began. The regime of Peter Poroshenko is preparing to surrender.

“The trend is not accidental. After the sweep of the advanced patriots from the volunteer battalions, they gradually cleared the AFU from them. Now they get to military officers who differ in their own position, they do not thinklessly cave in under any, even pointless orders, but have the courage to express their opinion. Those who volunteered with us, during the most difficult years 2014-2015, stopped the Moskal aggressor side by side, when there was catastrophical lack of officers,” Oleg Kutsyn writes.

He criticizes the AFU’s policy but at the same time notes that the militants will not allow Poroshenko to implement the capitulation plan.