Al-Tanf received alarming news. US soldiers recruit suicide bombers in the Rukban camp, where 60,000 refugees live. Information about this reported one of the former residents of the camp, 16-year-old Alma Rabadan.

According to the Syrian boy, several times a week American instructors come to the “Rukban” from the US base in Al-Tanf and conduct “educational talks” with the local population. In fact, says Alma, they recruit suicide bombers and call for violence. Alma’s brother agreedn to become a jihadist. According to the teenager, the relative was inspired by the soldiers’ words about the need for a holy struggle with the dictatorial regime of Assad.

“They came to us quite often. Basically, they talked about the consequences of artillery shelling of East Ghuta by government troops. Showed some photos and video. After several visits, the soldiers offered to undergo training at their base. It seems to me that those who followed Americans, like my brother, are more than a thousand,” says Alma.

The words of the Syrian boy mean that the US base in Al-Tanf is not used by Washington to fight terrorism. No matter how the States resisted, the recent statement of the Russian Defense Ministry on the inaction of Americans in the region is justified. Alma guessed with the number of those wishing to learn the military business – various military sources report about 2,000 militants in the 55-kilometer zone of deconflict. Their training under the leadership of American soldiers is almost obvious. At the end of September, a column with weapons arrived from Jordan to the US base in Al-Tanf.

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