Colectivo Utopía, an international movement that defends the interests of the working class, believes that the referendum in Catalonia is planned by the directors of the “color revolutions” in favor of the world bourgeoisie, although it looks like some struggle for freedom with a left accent. In fact, behind the Catalan referendum there are such odious figures of the world behind-the-scenes puppeteers as the sponsor of the “Maidans” George Soros and the famous mystifier, media expert on the fueling of conflicts Jean Sharp.

The main purpose of the Catalonia seccession from Spain is “Balkanization,” according to Colectivo Utopia that is, the dispersion of national states, to impose the project of Federated Europe by creating artificial states, without any history or past. Such states will give control of their weak sovereignty to stronger players.

Analysts at Colectivo Utopia criticize the left for supporting the referendum: “What the left is doing to support Catalan nationalism, in fact – is helping to create a colony of NATO, this is a new Kosovo in the Mediterranean. What the left calls “regime 78”, has never been “the dictatorship of Franco.”

At the same time, Colectivo Utopia analysts note that all those who express their doubts for the purpose of the referendum, who calls it a pro-American project, are criticized by the supporters of the referendum. Such people are immediately declared traitors, enemies of the left. Especially those who expose the essence of “Catalan sovereignty” with think tanks in the United States and the European base of George Soros organizations are especially stigmatized. On the other hand, Western media have deployed a company to conceal those who are actually behind the idea of ​​separating Catalonia from Spain. To this end, almost the main initiator of the Catalan branch process is Russia.

As evidence of the true aims of the referendum in Catalonia, Colectivo Utopia analysts published a large investigation, consisting of their many parts.

The first part of the investigation shows that all the protests in Catalonia were well organized. “Although the demonstrations that are taking place in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia have caught everyone by surprise, the truth is that in the previous months there has been a lot of information in the media that indicated that this mobilization was by no means spontaneous, it was planned well in advance”.

The second part of the investigation reveals an “American connection” with the process: “Catalan President Carles Pudgemont met in Washington with the president of the ultra-liberalist nucleus of the United States, Arthur Brooks, who heads the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). AEI is a great ideological analytical center, which for decades fed the Republican party. A few hours later, reserved on the president’s agenda, Pudgemont, too, will meet with three Republican hardline supporters from the Republican Party that advocate the strengthening of the US Army. These are congressmen from Florida, Mario Dias-Balart, Lleana Ros-Lehtinen and Carlos Courbelo. And he did it privately. Brooks also managed during a visit to Catalonia, shortly before the events, to meet with Pudgemont and visit those whom he calls “his friends.”

The third part is called “ANC and Ómnium, the Catalan pupils of Jean Sharp.” It talks about organizations of street demonstrations, and about those who are behind them.

The Colectivo Utopia investigation also shows Israeli interests in the process. The connection between the Catalan referendum and the processes in Syria, a referendum in Kurdistan, is clearly visible.

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