Ukrainian journalist admitted that Russian President Vladimir Putin saved Crimeans from disaster.

On his page in the social network, the famous Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Boyko expressed an opinion that did not leave anyone indifferent. Boyko touched one of the most topical issues, saying that Russian leader Vladimir Putin did better than anyone could imagine – he gave freedom to the Crimea.

Boyko criticized the new judicial reform of the Nezalezhnaya, noting that this is a weighty argument in favor of secession from Ukraine. In particular, residents of the DPR and LPR will have to understand what awaits them in case of returning to the structure of the Nezalezhnaya.

“And this law should be translated into Russian and distributed in mass circulation in the Crimea, so that people there finally realized what catastrophe Putin saved them from by introducing troops to the peninsula three years ago,” Boyko writes. “The consequence of the “judicial reform” will be an unheard-of surge crime and rampant banditry.”

Boyko advised all Ukrainians to leave immediately from the Nezalezhnaya, otherwise they will soon close the borders and the flow of migrants from Ukraine will remain out of work.

“And who does not have such an opportunity – arm yourself,” Boyko sums up, “from now on no one but yourself will protect you and your loved ones.”

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