By Michael Bateman

Most people see it for what it is – an elaborate effort to undermine the Trump presidency, and to shift blame away from the fact that Clinton blew $2 billion running a lousy campaign.

Despite continued rear-guard action from the swamp creature Russia-gaters / Russia-haters, pushers of the Russian collusion delusion and all kinds of Russia obsession, the narrative keeps getting blown up by most people outside that weird Washington echo-chamber, simply because it is palpably ridiculous to anyone who investigates the facts.

This is from last week, the evening after Roger Stone testified to Adam Schiff’s witch-hunt committee. Carlson has one of the most popular shows on TV, and a huge audience, heavily amplified on YouTube.

Anyone who thinks the American public is buying Russia-gate should listen to these 4 minutes of prime-time TV.

They are not.

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