Dozens of CasaPound Italia protesters rallied against an ‘unauthorised’ Mosque in the Esquilino area of Rome on Wednesday, claiming that its members are dealing drugs and committing homophobic attacks.

SOT, Flower kiosk owner in the area (Italian): “They throw used syringes at us, they’re used to do literally anything they want. That’s enough, that’s enough! We are tired! We are scared when coming back home, I’m even scared when I stay here at my kiosk, my sons can’t stand it anymore, that’s enough! Enough with this filthy government!”

SOT Davide di Stefano, Casapound Italia Spokesperson (Italian): “There’s a problem with the unauthorised Mosque where we marched before. [It’s] the same place where one week ago, a couple has been attacked by a drunken immigrant from Mali or Malaysia – this isn’t still clear – because they were guilty of kissing each other in front of the Mosque. The situation in that alley has become intolerable. Outside the Mosque there are even two groups of pushers, one made up of Africans and another one of Filipinos.”

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