International terrorists create ‘cyber units’ to provoke technocenic and environmental disasters, the head of Russia’s FSB said Wednesday.

International terrorists are creating “cyber units” tasked with provoking technogenic and environmental disasters using hacker attacks, Army General Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and chairman of the National Antiterrorist Committee, said on Wednesday.

“According to our data, terrorists expand their ties in the hacker community, and organize their own ‘cyber units’. The level of technical sophistication involved in their cyberattacks is constantly growing,” Bortnikov said during the XVI meeting of the heads of special services in Krasnodar.

According to him, “the threat to the world community, which is represented by the cyberattacks of terrorists, is becoming more real today.”

“We estimate that it’s highly probably international terrorist organizations will redirect the vector of their cyberattacks from state information resources to the sites of vital and critical infrastructure in order to provoke technogenic and environmental disasters,” the FSB head said.

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