Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow stands for the “constructive, predictable and mutually beneficial” cooperation with Washington at a ceremony where the new ambassadors of 20 countries presented their credentials, including Jon Huntsman from the United States.

The Russian leader said the current level of Russian-US relations is “anything but satisfactory,” adding that ties should be based on mutual respect for national interests and non-interference in both countries’ domestic affairs.

“We are sure that this cooperation should be based on the strict compliance with the principles of equality, respect for the national interests and non-interference in internal affairs,” Putin added.

Putin made his statement during a ceremony where the credentials of the new ambassadors to Russia from 20 countries were presented, including Jon Huntsman from the United States.

The news comes hours after the Kremlin expressed hope that Huntsman “will contribute to the restoration of bilateral relations.” Huntsman’s appointment to the position was approved by US parliamentarians last week.

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