The Russian lawyer Nataliya Veselnitskaya called the actions of the Canadian authorities, who adopted their own version of the “Magnitsky Act”, as a betrayal of their own people. A well-known lawyer who dealt with cases in the framework of the above-mentioned anti-Russian document, wrote the post on the Facebook page.

“Today, the Canadian politicians betrayed their people: using the money of their taxpayers, they paid a regular green corridor to fugitive criminals and bribe-takers. Now, a “new Prevezon” on the example of the new “Denis Katsyv” will appear in Canada, “having received a dollar from the blood money stolen from the people of Russia”, cases would be initiated, will bring Russian judges and prosecutors on the lists of “non-entry” to Canada, as if they were ever there at all or were going to visit, their mythical assets will be arrested, and the cases will “go out” for years with zero results until the generation of these politicians ready to betray their people and dance to the tune of a transnational criminal group will change,” Veselnitskaya wrote.

“Magnitsky Acts” have become a special way to legalize criminal incomes and, most likely, the proceeds from stealing those same 5.4 billion rubles from the Russian treasury,” Natalya Veselnitskaya summed up.

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