On October 1, the 800th Commandos Battalion of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Republican Guard repelled an ISIS attack east and north of al-Sukhnah town in the eastern Homs countryside and recaptured all lost positions in the area, according to pro-government sources.

However, ISIS fighters recaptured both al-Shula and Bir Ghabaghib villages on the al-Sukhnah-Deir Ezzor highway.

Pro-government sources also denied all reports that claimed that the T-4 airbase is under the ISIS fighters siege. The explained explosions sounds that were heard around the airbase with SAA artillery strikes that were targeting positions of ISIS east of Jubb al-Jarrah town.

Meanwhile, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq announced that ISIS fighters shelled with mortars and Katyusha rockets the headquarters of the SAA and Russian Army in Mazlum village on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river.

Amaq also claimed that ISIS fighters destroyed a tank of the SAA with an ATGM east of al-Sukhnah town.

Earlier on October 1, the SAA and its allies launched a push towards the ISIS-held town of Mayadin in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside. This move by the SAA will likely have a bad impact on the ongoing ISIS attack in eastern Homs.

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