Serbian President Alexander Vučić urgently convened the Prime Minister, members of the Government and security structures for consultations, the Belgrade media reported.

Consultations were required after the statement of the European Commission, where the referendum in Catalonia is compared with the situation in the disputed Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.

In the EC, where the Catalan referendum was declared unconstitutional, they said that the situation can not be compared, because Spain is a member of the EU.

“When it comes to recognizing Kosovo, it was a specific context, the position was adopted on various declarations, UN resolutions, from the international community, very specific context with specific reasons,” said official spokesman Margaritis Skinas.

Kosovo and Metohija, according to the Constitution of Serbia, is its autonomous region. In 2008, Albanian leaders proclaimed “the republic of Kosovo,” which is now a partially recognized state. One of the first to recognize Kosovo’s independence were France and the United States.


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