Russian MiG-29 arrived in Serbia, at the airfield “Batainitsa” in the suburbs of Belgrade. Parts of the aircraft are delivered to this Balkan country in disassembled form, the first An-124 arrived today at 18:10 local time.

In total, Belgrade will receive six MiG-29s, free of charge, followed by repairs, in which Russian specialists will help Serbian colleagues.

The agreement on the transfer of MiGs to Serbia was reached as early as the end of 2016, and since then various reports of the alleged date have appeared in the media. According to military experts on both sides, it was not possible to fulfill the agreement more quickly for technical reasons, due to a number of administrative procedures in Russia.

Fears were repeatedly voiced due to the pressure on Serbia by NATO and neighboring countries that are members of the alliance, in particular, against the backdrop of talks about Russian MiGs, Croatia has stepped up military cooperation and the purchase of weapons to Germany and the United States.

The supply of six MiG-29 fighters from Russia within the framework of military-technical assistance to Serbia can cause external political pressure on Belgrade, President of the country Alexander Vucic said today at a press conference. However, the republic will not stop strengthening its defensive capability, including in the air and air defense field, he added.

“We will protect and defend our freedom and independence,” the Serbian president stressed.

Nevertheless, the event took place – the arrival of Russian MiGs is now the first and most discussed news in Serbia, if not in the region.

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