Following a referendum during which more than 90 percent of voters indicated a desire for the independence of Catalonia from Spain, nationalist groups called for a strike in support of Catalan sovereignty.

Leaders of public nationalist organizations in Catalonia called on Sunday for a general strike in the region on Tuesday, October 3.

“On October 3, there will be a national strike, a general strike,” the head of Omnium Cultural, a pro-independence organization, Jordi Cuixart, said, addressing a rally in Plaza Catalunya in the center of Barcelona.

In the course of his speech, he congratulated the Catalans for holding the referendum, despite the heavy handed response of Spanish authorities: “We, the public organizations, will be worthy representatives of the exemplary Catalan people.” He called October 1 “a historic day.”

“Today, everything is just beginning,” Cuixart said.

On Sunday, Catalonia, one of Spain’s 19 autonomous administrative divisions, held an independence referendum. More than 90 percent of the more than 2.26 million votes counted were cast in favor of secession from Spain; the region’s population exceeds 7.5 million. Madrid took multiple measures to prevent the vote. Multiple clashes between police and pro-independence activists resulted in the injury of at least 33 law enforcers and 844 civilians. Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy said that in Catalonia there was “no referendum” on self-determination, but assured that the government was ready to conduct a dialogue within the regional authorities.

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