The Scottish independence debate is back with a vengeance after images of Spanish police brutality in Catalonia this weekend shocked the world.

Catalans were attacked by the Spanish Civil Guard as they voted in an independence referendum ruled illegal by the Constitutional Court of Madrid.

The region declared independence on Sunday night after the results were in, but Spain is refusing to recognize the validity of the vote.

Violent clashes between police and protesters were streamed on global news channels, leading to calls for the European Union to intervene and punish Spain.

But in Scotland, the debate took a different turn.

The campaign for Catalan independence has reignited the desire for a Scotland separated from the rest of the UK.

Scots took to Twitter to call for another referendum on leaving the United Kingdom, despite the ‘no’ vote in 2014.

Scottish people gathered outside the Spanish consulate in Edinburgh, waving both Scottish and Catalonian flags.

“We back the Catalans,” Rory Steel, a leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) youth wing, told AFP. He said a delegation of 20 will soon travel to Catalonia.

“We’re basically going over to find out a bit more about them, trade our experiences and expertise and that sort of thing, but also to support them.”

Others blasted BBC Scotland for what it called minimal coverage on the events as they unfolded.

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