New US sanctions have image risks for Russia

The new U.S. sanctions, which put Russia in line with the DPRK and Iran, bring image risks, head of the Center for Strategic Initiatives, Alexei Kudrin said at the Finfair show on Saturday.

“Sure, it is unpleasant to be next to North Korea and Iran on that list,” he said. “This offers new image risks for Russia. In the openness, it is complicated to compare Russia with those countries.”

In early August, the U.S. President Donald Trump inked a law on sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran. The law limits amounts and terms of investments in Russian oil and gas projects. The U.S. companies and residents can offer loans to Russian banks for 14 days maximum, to Russian oil and gas companies – for one week. The law allows further personal sanctions against those whom the U.S. authorities consider involved in cyber attacks, corruption or human rights violations.