Russia repudiates any attempts to pin the blame on Moscow for everything negative taking place in the US, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at Friday’s meeting with a delegation of American experts headed by President of the Center for the National Interest Dmitri Simes.

“We denounce attempts to accuse Russia of anything negative happening in the US,” he said.

The entire international community is interested in bolstering cooperation between Russia and the US, Lavrov stressed.

Russia’s top diplomat has noted that Moscow does not dramatize the existing situation in bilateral relations. “We understand that this stage will end. I am confident that the wisdom and pragmatism of the American people will eventually prevail,” the Russian foreign minister affirmed.

“We’ve got a lot of problems that should be jointly addressed. Not just our countries, but the entire global community is interested in it,” Lavrov pointed out, naming cooperation between Russia and the US in Syria as an example.

“This is a sample of how it is possible to overcome controversies and focus on common goals,” the Russian top diplomat noted.

Lavrov believes that frank and open cooperation is needed when addressing other problems, such as the nonproliferation of mass destruction weapons and terrorist attacks in the Middle East and beyond its borders.

“I am confident that the whole world is waiting for it and would breathe a sigh of relief if this cooperation (between Moscow and Washington) were in place,” the minister stressed.

“We denounce efforts to promote accusations against Russia of anything negative that happens in the US into this [domestic political] discussion,” he stressed. “I think that any sensible person can see their absurdity.”

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