The Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, who received Russian citizenship, called fools all those who think that Russia could influence the outcome of the election campaign in the United States. He announced this on a video bridge from Moscow in an interview with the British ITV television channel.

“Let’s speak frankly – all countries without exception are involved in espionage – Americans are spying, the British are spying, the Russians are spying on each other. However, anyone who thinks that [Russian President] Vladimir Putin is somehow involved in organizing rigged elections (in the US), or that the Russians even have similar technologies, is stupid,” Mr. Seagal said. “This form of propaganda is in fact a way of distraction, it makes it so that people in the United States do not really see what is happening,” the actor explained.

Mr. Seagal is sure that Russians and Americans actually have sympathy for each other. “I think that most people in the US and Russia want to like each other. We need each other. Russians and Americans must be strong allies,” said the actor, who in 2016 received Russian citizenship.

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