US-led coalition in Syria used white phosphorus during the air strike

US-led coalition`s aviation struck a residential area in the province of Deir ez-Zor with the use of white phosphorus forbidden by the international conventions, SANA news agency reports with reference to locals and the media.

Three civilians were killed because of the attack on the area of ​​As-Soar, five others were injured. Also many buildings were damaged.

Coalition`s aviation is regularly accused of striking the locals. According to SANA, coalition used the projectiles with white phosphorus in the suburbs of Rakka in June. And as a result 17 people became the strike victims.

The coalition acknowledged that at least 685 civilians were killed in Syria and Iraq since the start of the operation against the Islamic State group. At the same time, local authorities and independent observers have repeatedly noted that such assessments are far from reality.

US-led coalition is conducting a military operation against the Islamic State group since August 2014. In Syria it operates without consent and coordination with the official Damascus.