Svyatoslav Shevchuk – the main Ukrainian uniate, nationalist, ardent “eurointegrator”, a direct subordinate of the Jesuit pope Franciscus – blabbed that according to the estimates of the Uniates, only 32 million people are living in Ukraine!

Speaking at the conference “The role of religion in European integration – the prospects of Ukraine and the EU” the head of the UGCC Svyatoslav Shevchuk stated:

According to the Ukrainian official statistics, as of August 1, 2017, Ukraine had 42 million 300 thousand citizens. In fact, how many residents in Ukraine today, no one knows. Alternative methods of calculation, in particular, carried out on the basis of analysis of consumption of basic foodstuffs, give another figure of 32 million. Where are 10 million people? Our (ecclesiastical) ways of analyzing the modern phenomenon of emigration show that people have recently emigrated more often not to the North or South America, but to Europe. We see that large Ukrainian communities appear throughout Western Europe. For example, according to Polish statistics, now in Poland there are 1 million 300 thousand Ukrainians. We know that in Italy there are half a million Ukrainians. One hundred thousand of our people are in Spain. These numbers are growing very fast.

Last year, in November, the European Forum of Ukrainian Emigrants was held. In two months there will be a second similar visit in Rome, where we will continue to reflect on the emigration movement, which covers so many people. Ukrainians bring certain principles of their way of life with them to Western European countries, including religious ones.

The issue of migration is very important today for Europe, first of all, considering the integration of migrants into society. For us, Ukraine, this issue is also important, but from another point of view – we want our people not to leave their homeland, work at home, have a decent salary and were not forced to seek a better fate abroad. This is a great challenge in public service for both the Ukrainian Churches and the Ukrainian State.

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