The Embassy of Spain in Moscow is being evacuated after an anonymous phone call.

The embassy employees are being currently evacuated, and specialist officers with sniffer dogs are expected to arrive.

Earlier on Tuesday, about 20 facilities were “mined.” All facilities are being checked now. No explosives were found.

Russia has seen a surge of hoax bomb threats at schools, universities, shopping malls and administrative facilities since September 11. Information about bombs allegedly planted in mass gathering places has not been confirmed, but thousands of people have been evacuated due to explosion threat. The Federal National Guard Troops Service and other agencies are checking this information.

The number of “mined” buildings in Russia surpassed one thousand last week, and a total of about 400,000 people were evacuated, the source said. A criminal case on the Moscow bomb hoaxes has been launched and is currently under investigation under Article 207 of the Russian Criminal Code (“Deliberately misleading information about act of terrorism”). Similar criminal cases are under investigation in other cities.