The pharmaceutical enterprise “BioFarma”, which was burning in the Kiev region, may be linked to the US military-industrial complex, according to Sergei Veselovsky, a columnist for News-Front. The reason for suspicion was that since 2012 the fund Horizon Capital owns the company, co-founder of which is a former employee of the State Department and former Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Ann Yaresko.

The history of BioFarma dates back to the 19th century, when the Bacteriological Institute was founded near Kiev, designed to fight infectious diseases. In Soviet times, it changed its name several times, but retained the specialization, only expanding the sphere of interests. In 1978, the production base was separated from the institute under the name “Plant of Bacterial Preparations,” from which, after Ukraine gained independence, BioFarm grew.

In 2012, the plant was bought by the Horizon Capital fund and from the public became a private joint-stock company. The co-founder of the named fund – the former employee of the US Department of State and the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Ann Yaresko – is one of the main lobbyists of American interests in Ukraine.

Recall that in the framework of “restraining Russia,” Washington created several biological laboratories for military purposes in Ukraine. One of them is located in the Kiev region, and, according to Sergei Veselovsky – in the same White Church where the BioFarma was burning last night.

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