On September 24, a suicide bomber attacked a NATO convoy of Danish troops in the fifth district of the Afghan capital Kabul. Afghan sources reported that at least 5 civilians were injured in the attack.

Meanwhile, Captain William Salvin spokesman of NATO said that “there are no Resolute Support [name of the NATO operation in Afghanistan] casualties as a result of the explosion.”

So far a responsibility for the attack has not been claimed by any group.

In a separated development, Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri announced on September 24 that the Afghan Army, and Afghan Air Force launched 20,000 land and air operations against the Taliban and ISIS all around the country.

According to Waziri, the Afghan Army and Air Force destroyed 440 positions of the Taliban and ISIS in these operations. Moreover, Waziri said that 1022 ISIS fighters, and 292 commanders of the Taliban and ISIS were killed.

Despite this huge effort of the Afghan Army backed by NATO, the Taliban is still highly active in northern and eastern Afghanistan.

While the US administration is blaming Pakistan for the rebirth of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the undeniable truth is that the public support for the Taliban due to US war-like polices in Afghanistan – like drone strikes – is likely the real reason.

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