The Russian Center for Syrian reconciliation reported the successful delivery of over two metric of humanitarian aid and the opening of a makeshift hospital in a settlement in Syria’s Aleppo province.

The Russian Center for Syrian reconciliation delivered on Monday over two metric tons of humanitarian aid and opened a makeshift hospital in a settlement in Syria’s Aleppo Governorate, a representative of the center said.

“There are many poor settlements, we are visiting with local authorities and choosing a settlement in advance. We see how the people live, who have recently returned home. And then bring humanitarian aid there. Today we have delivered over two tons,” Soslan Tseboyev told reporters.

The representative noted that four tons of engineering materials will be delivered to Syria from Russia to restore war-torn regions of the country.

The makeshift hospital in Tel Asus provides local residents with basic medical assistance, since the nearest pharmacy is located 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) away.

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