About 700 demonstrators organized a protest action in the evening on Sunday in front of the Berlin club “Traffic Berlin”, in which the right-populist party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) celebrates its success in the elections to the Bundestag.

Representatives of left radical groups chant: “AfD is a pack of racists”, “Propaganda of Nazism has no right to exist”, “Racism is not an alternative” and throw stones and bottles aside opponents. Several activists were detained.

At the same time, the press service of the Berlin police states that in general the demonstration is peaceful.

“Alternative for Germany”, according to preliminary data, gained about 13% of the vote and takes the third place in the elections to the Bundestag. The first place in the elections to the Bundestag was occupied by the Christian-Democratic Union / Christian-Social Union (CDU / CSU) unit, Angela Merkel. In second place is the Social Democratic Party (SDP), headed by former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz.

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