On Saturday, the Turkish Parliament voted for a motion to extend approval for the deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq and Syria for another year.

The decision was made in an extraordinary session and came ahead of an independence referendum (scheduled for September 25) in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region and the nearby areas held by Peshmerga forces, a military force of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

The motion said that Turkey evaluates high the protection of Iraq’s territorial integrity, national unity, and stability.

Turkey, Iran, the US as well as the UN, the Iraqi Federal Government and other sides have all stand against the KRG’s will to turn the norhern part of Iraq into an independent Kurdish state.

However, the KRG remains adamant in its decision to hold the vote. The only state that publicly supports the KRG move is Israel.

Meanwhile, about 100 units of battle tanks, howitzers and other military equipment are participating in the ongoing Turkish military drill near the border with Iraq’s Kurdistan Region as a an indication that Turkey, Iran and Iraq could decide to use a military option if the KRG does not find a political solution with them.

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