President Donald Trump is now calling Kim Jong-un “Little Rocket Man,” a nickname he unveiled to a raucous crowd in Alabama, where he endorsed Luther Strange in a close Republican primary for a US Senate seat.

Trump traveled to Huntsville, Alabama, on Friday to support Senator Luther Strange (R-Alabama) ahead of Tuesday’s Republican primary runoff election for a seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump has endorsed Strange, tweeting that he “has gained mightily since my endorsement,” but adding that the inter-party vote “will be very close.”

However, it is unclear how much Trump’s endorsement has affected the race. On Thursday, a WALA-TV/Strategy Public Relations poll found that Roy Moore, Alabama Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court, was leading Strange by eight percentage points. RealClear Politics also has Moore, who has the support of many Trump grassroots supporters, leading Strange by an average of nine points.

Trump began his speech by telling the audience that “Little Rocket Man,” meaning North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, should have been “handled” a long time ago.

“We can’t have madmen out there, shooting rockets all over the place,” Trump said. “This shouldn’t be handled now, but I’m going to handle it because we have to handle it.”

Trump then spoke to Kim directly, saying “maybe something gets worked out, and maybe it doesn’t.” However, he added that Americans would be “protected.”

Trump also said that China is working with the US on sanctions against North Korea, referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping as his “friend.”

“And yesterday he basically took the banking industry from North Korea,”Trump said.

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