US Ambassador in Kharkov gave a go-ahead for ethnic cleansing

US Ambassador in Kharkov gave a go-ahead for ethnic cleansing

The activity of the current US ambassador in Kiev leaves no doubt: in Washington they unequivocally support the course towards total Ukrainization, that is, ethnic cleansing.

If earlier people talked about human rights, or hints were made about the rights of non-Ukrainian people, then Ambassador Marie Jovanovich showed that all discrepancies were discarded.

The first fact, is the support of the US Embassy by the law on education adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. “Congratulations to Ukraine on the promotion of educational reform, because the contribution to the development of youth is the guarantee of the future” – is written on the page of the overseas diplomatic mission.

The second is the meeting of Jovanovic in Kharkov with writer Sergei Zhadan, who conducts the most active Ukrainian activities.

Sergey Zhadan. Yes, this is the same author who tries, traveling around the world, to talk about our city in a foreign language. This is the one who in 2004 burned the books of the governor Yevgeny Kushnaryov, and then shone at all the maidans.

All this time he participated in actions to promote not only language and Galichstan, but also Bandera ideology.

Recently in the Kiev publishing house “Lybid” there was a book of the famous dissident and part-time active informer of the KGB Ivan Dzyuba about Zhadan “The Black Romantic”. So Russophobe, passes the baton of hatred and betrayal to modern successors.


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