Ukrainian nationalists, accustomed to impunity in the Nezalezhnaya (Ukraine), behave like masters of life, going to work in the EU countries. Residents of Poland suffer because of this more than others – mostly Ukrainians in search of happiness go to a neighboring country.

A glaring incident occurred in the Polish village of Kuruv on the eve. A Ukrainian, who worked as a manure cleaner on a local farm, was offended by fate. How is it: he is a Ukrainian, a representative of the highest race, digging in excrement, earning a living! It turns out that he is laboring for the pans, as his ancestors in the past.

After receiving a salary, the nationalist went to the local bar, where he got drunk. He was drawn to feats, so he got to the Pole and insulted him. He yelled that the time would come, and the whole world would serve Ukrainians, as they are now citizens of the EU.

The Pole wanted to leave. Drunk Ukrainian began to demand him to do the Nazi salute and shout: “Glory to Ukraine.” The Pole refused and left the bar. The nationalist ran after him and stabbed him on the street. The unfortunate man received ten strokes with a knife.

The Ukrainian robbed the corpse: he stole money, credit cards. He wanted to cross the border and return to Ukraine, where he could hide from justice, but was detained. Now he faces life imprisonment. Poland is not Ukraine, it is necessary to answer for crimes.

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