The Syrian Army troops continued to hit ISIL’s defense lines in the Northwestern countryside of Deir Ezzur and managed to impose control over six more key regions on the Western bank of the Euphrates River, military sources confirmed on Friday.

The sources reported that the army men pushed ISIL back from Hawayej Ziab Shamiyeh, al-Sa’adat, Tal Salem, Mount Tarif, al-Mesrab and Anabeh regions on the Western bank of the Euphrates River.

They went on to say that the army has decreased its distance to the town of Ma’adan, the last stronghold of ISIL in Southeastern part of Raqqa province, after its recent advances.

Local sources said on Thursday that a new group of ISIL terrorists, including a senior commander, fled Eastern Deir Ezzur amid the rapid advances of the Syrian Army troops in the province.

The sources pointed to the continuing trend of ISIL terrorists’ fleeing from Deir Ezzur, and said Nasr al-Shamri nom de guerre Jahjah, a notorious ISIL commander, has fled al-Basireh region in Eastern Deir Ezzur.

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