Ukraine will not receive lethal weapons from the United States, but a firm commitment that Kiev will be supplied with radio warfare and other equipment has been obtained, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said after talks with US President Donald Trump.

“We did have a very productive discussion [with Trump]. Just for your information, Ukraine produces very effective anti-tank rockets by ourselves. We don’t receive anything from the whole world, any lethal weapons … and we build up 250,000 army, one of the most efficient in Europe. And we, Ukrainian people, are proud of them. But we have a firm commitment from our US partners — we’re not talking, frankly speaking, about Javelins [anti-tank missile] because we produce ourselves — but we are talking about the radio warfare equipment to make efficient actions of my armed forces,” Poroshenko told Fox Business TV channel.

Poroshenko said on Tuesday that the US Senate had approved the allocation of $500 million to support Ukraine’s security and defense sectors, adding that Kiev would receive defensive lethal weapons.

Ukraine has repeatedly asked to be supplied with lethal and non-lethal weapons from the European Union and the United States. In August, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said that the United States was considering delivering lethal weapons to Ukraine. Russia strongly criticized the idea, stressing that it would only lead to an escalation of the situation in Donbas rather than the implementation of the Minsk agreements and ultimate resolution to the crisis.

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