Germany: Schulz appeals to younger voters in Cologne as elections loom



Leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) Martin Schulz attempted to reach out to younger voters during a campaign rally in Cologne on Thursday, ahead of the upcoming general elections on September 24.

SOT, Martin Schulz, SDP Leader (German): “I address… I address now the young men and women, there are many here in the square. To the young people: think about Brexit, guys. Think about Trump. You must go to the polls this Sunday. And even if you go out on Saturday to Sunday, no matter where you hang out, I don’t know where in the southern district of the city or what kind of event you organise, I don’t care. Even if you still hang out and, what do I know, lay around somewhere at six o’clock on Sunday next week: Guys, the polling stations are open until 18:00. You must go there!”

SOT, Martin Schulz, SDP Leader (German): “We will fight until Sunday evening at six o’clock. But I also say to you, that we don’t fight for our own purpose. I don’t fight for my own purpose. No. I do also not fight for any political surveys. I do also not fight for any pollsters. I also do not fight for figures. I fight for our conviction and for our principles. We fight for you, for the people in this country. We fight for a fairer Germany, so that the next generation has a good future. And for a strong and united Europe. I want to become German Chancellor for this. Help me with that. Thank you.”


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