Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin says that the Serbian List will not allow formation of Kosovo armed forces and that no one can persuade the Serbian government to agree with the formation of Kosovo Army.

Vulin told Politika daily that “there is nobody who can convince us and make us accept that the Kosovo Army can exist on the territory of the province.”

“There is no such organization, there is no such force, there is no political pressure because of which we will agree to creation of an armed force on our territory, an armed force that will be under someone else’s command, an armed force that will threaten central Serbia itself, and ultimately Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija,” Vulin said.

Vulin added that UN Security Council Resolution (1244) specifies that KFOR is the only armed force that can exist in Kosovo and that, under this condition, it was also signed, as well as the Agreement on the Termination of Hostilities, and thus the international community was allowed to enter Kosovo.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaqi said mid-September that the Kosovo Armed Forces would be formed by the end of this year in partnership with the United States, NATO and the EU.

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